Definitive Guide On Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is what records the transactions of all the finance in accounting. You are well aware of both these terms and bookkeeping is what summarizes the working of both. Transactions related to sales, what cash you receive, payments or it can be whatever purchase you have made in the past. Bookkeeping is generally done on a daily basis so it has to accurately do row by row, columns by columns. To trace the financial working of a company is crucial and that is the goal of the bookkeeping. There is a double-entry system in accounting which denotes that there are two accounts that get affected when a transaction takes place, they are called ledger accounts. The double entry system cross-check whether the funds noted down are of the correct amount or not, it’s just like checking your mistakes by calculating LHS AND RHS but the thing is it is more complex.

Reasons to Choose Us

If you get to work with software for bookkeeping you have unlimited storage and it is eco-friendly in the manner that there will be less waste of paper so it generally leads to more trees and less pollution. We are too busy to be contributing to the environment so why not do it like this. Accounting software are cloud-based so you just have to log in to your accounting without being afraid of the system crash. Now you will say why not it does offline so to answer your question here is the thing: - there is storage problem when you will do the bookkeeping offline, you have to adjust so many files. You have to give your files different names so there are more chances of confusion also you don’t have to download different applications. With different applications comes advertisements, if they will pop up again n again you can get distracted. An accounting and finance software is not only you want but a need because you don’t get many features under one system, if you appoint a person then they are less versatile than a software. Versatility should be the new motto of every software company and so to offer you this we are here.

What Makes eBizCharter Better Than QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks creates more problems when it has to address strong inventory filing. Issues. There it can disappoint you if you have to deal with the shipping charges, loading charges, etc. but eBizCharter doesn’t disappoint you there as it takes the responsibility to keeps on check everything
  • Under double entry system, the software’s like QuickBooks is again most likely to fail your expectations as it is known for creating most of the problems where you take the name of bookkeeping, EBizCharter covers the bookkeeping and takes measures to not let anything such sort of happening.
  • eBizCharter allows you to integrate many systems at once and so it gives you the independence of connecting mobile phones, computers, etc. Fewer complications in our software are what makes it more reliable than any other software in the market.